How Much Does It Cost to Install an HVAC Unit?

Home maintenance decisions can often feel incessant, with new issues popping up nearly every day. Some problems are minor and can typically be handled by the average homeowner.

Like installing a new central air conditioning unit, others are more complicated and generally require an HVAC expert’s skill and competence. Unfortunately, more complicated projects can often mean they are more expensive.

AC installation prices vary widely depending on the unit’s cost and the amount of additional work required. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 for central air conditioner installation.

Which Air Conditioning Unit Type Do You Need?

Central air costs are driven in part by the type of unit you want to install. When selecting an AC unit for installation, there are three cost factors to consider:

The Cooling Capacity

The larger your home, the more powerful (and often more expensive) your AC unit will be. Cooling capacity is measured in “tons.” You need one ton for every 400 square feet being cooled by the unit. This means a home with a size of 1,600 square feet will require a four-ton air conditioning unit.

The Central Air Conditioner Brand or Model

Average prices fluctuate among manufacturers. A high-quality AC unit will last longer; however, installing one of these models will likely cost you more upfront.

The SEER Rating

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures how energy-efficient air conditioning systems are. In other words, how effectively they work to cool the air.

Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings are more costly at the time of installation. Yet, you will save money on your energy bills over time due to their lower electricity usage.

Cost Depends on Additional Time and Work Before Installation

Besides the direct costs of purchasing and installing your new AC unit, there may also be additional expenses associated with prepping your house for the installation.

If you currently have a central air conditioner installed and only need a replacement for your worn-out equipment, these additional items aren’t likely set you back too much.

Though if your home is older and doesn’t have a central system in place, or if existing ductwork is damaged or needs to be updated, your costs could be noticeably higher.

Additional expenses might include:

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