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Air Purification & Air Scrubber Installation

The Air Purification and Air Scrubber Installation that HVAC Alliance Expert has Will Impress You!

When it comes to providing safe and clean air to breathe in, no other apparatus can do what an air scrubber does. These ductwork accessories exert a tremendous amount of effort to ensure no harmful particulates, specks of dust, or debris floating around inside a household or office setting.

Now, there are plenty of HVAC service providers out there who claim that they’re capable of properly finishing this kind of task. However, none provide a quick, meticulous, and efficient air scrubber installation job quite like HVAC Alliance Expert!

How Exactly Do Air Scrubbers Function? 

As air flows through the air scrubber unit, it changes the air into scrubbers. These scrubbers go through the ductwork in your home, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces like door handles, restrooms, pet regions, ledges, and many more. 

In only 30 minutes, an air scrubber can eliminate 99.9% of the unsafe toxins in your home. 

The scrubber won’t just lessen the measure of airborne toxins, such as tobacco smoke, residue, mold, and dust, but also measure foreign substances living on your various surfaces. 

By cleaning and sanitizing the air, an air scrubber is successfully ready to lessen the measure of poisons that can cause eye, nose, and throat aggravation, for example, sinus issues, weariness, migraines, hypersensitivities, wooziness, hacks, and nausea.

Air Scrubber Installation

If you want to schedule an air scrubber installation, contact HVAC Alliance Expert, where our professional technicians can help you out!

The air scrubber will be mounted over your HVAC’s air controller, not at all like cumbersome air purifiers, and it isn’t noticeable inside your home. A standard unit will conceal to 3,000 square feet and start working right away. 

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Improve indoor air quality by introducing an Air Scrubber in your home. Air Scrubbers give the accompanying advantages: 

  • Increase HVAC longevity
  • Non-Toxic air purification
  • Gets rid of disease-causing bacteria
  • Mold
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • Eliminates airborne contaminants
  • Cigarette smoke

How Effective are Air Scrubbers?

The best ecological researchers on the planet have probably thoroughly tried Air Scrubbers’ viability noticeable all around and on uncovered surfaces. Air Scrubbers attempt to remove or altogether lessen all-natural and microbial mixtures, microorganisms, infections, VOCs, horrible scents, airborne particulates, and toxin control on surfaces where we live and relax. 

The vital parts of an air scrubber are the honeycomb surface and the UV light. Its surface is covered with titanium oxide and a restrictive definition of responsive metals. The result produces a synergistic response that produces charged groups of hydrogen and oxygen.

Should Our Homes Have an Air Scrubber Installed In It?

In the end, this kind of decision all boils down to your situation. If your circumstances include:

  • having a family member suffer from allergies
  • someone in the house can’t afford to get sick
  • the house reeks of bad odor

So, are you ready to get an air purification in Los Angeles? Contact HVAC Alliance Expert now, so we can schedule an installation appointment and allow you to breathe clean air!

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