The most crucial HVAC component to check and maintain is your air duct system, or ductwork. Ducts are a network of passages used in ventilation, heating, and air conditioning to circulate air to throughout different rooms in your home.

Your HVAC system can only perform as well as your air ducts allow it to perform. To achieve optimal efficiency and energy savings for your HVAC, your air duct installation should be sized correctly and adequate enough to handle your system.

Call a Los Angeles air duct installation service that can handle the complexity of this job with skill and professionalism. Call the team at HVAC Alliance Expert, (855) 999-4417. We aren’t finished with a job until we’re satisfied it’s been done to the best of our ability.

How HVAC Alliance Expert Ductwork Installation Works

To develop an elaborate system capable of delivering hot or cold air throughout your home, cutting the holes in your walls and floors to accept the ductwork, and then constructing and installing the system is a project best left to the professionals at HVAC Alliance.

To perform your air duct installation:

With our years of experience inspecting, assessing, developing, and installing heating and cooling systems HVAC Appliance Expert is your go-to resource for all of your air duct issues.

Damaged Ducts Can Strain Your System and Impact Air Quality

Faulty ductwork can leak close to 25% of the cool or warm air produced by your HVAC system. Leaky or improperly sized ductwork can strain your HVAC equipment and cause increased energy consumption, wear and tear, and inefficient system operation.

Damaged air ducts can also impact indoor air quality by introducing airborne pollutants through loose ducting joints and holes throughout your home.

A properly running HVAC system is your home’s foremost defense in maintaining comfortable room temperatures. And more importantly, it’s paramount in venting and filtering your air for the health and safety of your family.

Signs Your Duct System May Need Replacing

If your air duct system is more than 15 years old, pay special attention to indications that it may be having problems. Talk to an HVAC expert about air duct replacement or modification if you detect any of the following signs:

If you suspect a problem with your ductwork, call HVAC Alliance Expert to schedule an inspection.

The expense of having your air ducts repaired or new ones installed outweighs the risk of neglecting them.

HVAC Alliance Expert Can Help

When getting your air duct system installed or replaced, it is crucial to hire an accomplished HVAC contractor to perform the job done right the first time.

With more than 20 years of experience, HVAC Alliance Expert knows the proper way to install and replace your air duct system safely and effectively. Your technician will follow all building codes and regulations, using state-of-the-art equipment.

After a complete inspection of your air duct system, we’ll help you determine whether your best course of action is sealing, repairing, or replacing your home’s ductwork.

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