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Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

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    Monthly HVAC maintenance service is essential to extend the life of your cooling and heating system as well as guarantee a smooth operation and efficient performance when you need it most.

    Once you have ever had an HVAC repair problem, you know it can cost an arm and leg. Not all repairs can be avoided, but regularly maintaining your HVAC can definitely help save you money and prolong the life of your system. When you keep yourself from calling a professional technician to diagnose the problem with your system, you should first consider DIY maintenance for your cooling and heating system. Regular maintenance of your system can save you time and money on major HVAC repairs, and even on daily heating and cooling expenses. 

    Here is the monthly HVAC maintenance: 5 things you could do yourself:

Replace Your Air Filters

    Usually, air filters have to be changed every three months. But when you have pets at home that shed and a member of your family suffers from allergies, it’s highly recommended to replace the filters monthly. Replacing the air filters guarantees that the air quality stays safe and the system isn’t being blocked by dust and dander. A clean filter can help to make sure that the air that circulates throughout your house is free of pollutants, dust, and any other contaminants. Changing your air filter can also prevent further damages to your HVAC system. Blocked air filters can become a reason for damages in a long-term, as well as high electric bills.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

Clean Out Debris

    Many homes have HVAC units outside and they usually attract debris that you have to manually take out. Spend around five minutes to inspect the unit and eliminate any debris weekly. Make sure to put on your gloves when performing this to keep you safe. You may also use a garden hose also when you need water to do it. If you clear the system with debris, you are extending the life of your HVAC.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

Give The Unit A Break

    In the summer season, you usually do not need to use the humidifier unit of your HVAC system since it’s already humid outside. When the air inside your house is dry, opening the windows for a couple of hours a day can help give out some humidity. If the weather begins to get cold, it is advised to change your humidifier pad and select between 35 to 45 percent for your humidity setting to keep it running without any problems.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

Clean Area Around The Unit

    If you finished cleaning the unit, change the fan cage. Clear the leaves and debris outside the condenser using a rake and clear some branches and plants around two feet in all directions to make proper airflow around the unit. In the winter season, when the condenser is not running, it’s advisable to cover the top of the unit with plywood or plastic to block any falling debris. But don’t fully cover the sides, as moisture can accumulate inside and lead to corrosion. Also, a fully covered unit may allow a vermin to make its nest. 

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

Clean the Condensate Drain Line

    A condensate drain line is utilized to eliminate any moisture that is accumulated by the evaporator coil as air goes through it. Since this is where moisture goes through, algae can build up and become an issue. That’s why you should maintain the condensate drain line monthly. You may pour bleach down the line to eliminate the accumulated algae.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

When To Call An HVAC Professional

    Although you may be able to do simple maintenance tasks yourself like keeping the system clean or replacing your air filter, there are some cases when you might need to contact an HVAC expert who has the knowledge and experience in professionally dealing with your HVAC problems safely. Here are a few cases when it’s already recommended to call in a professional:

Persistent Issues

    While you can do some easy troubleshooting on your own, there are some HVAC problems that are best handled by a professional HVAC technician. The examples are: water leaks on the floor, the unit doesn’t not turn off, the fan inside the system is running, or the outdoor unit is producing strange sounds. Calling an HVAC expert will help to make sure that your repair is done right and safe at the first time, avoiding the need for a major repair that costs a lot of money.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

System Tune-up

    While most homeowners are more than capable of dealing with the simple HVAC maintenance, it is still highly recommended that you contact an HVAC specialist for your regular tune-up. The expert will check your system for water leaks and poor wiring as well as look into the refrigerant charge level and see to it that your system is working efficiently. This will help extend the life of your system and save you time and money as a professional HVAC technician can determine damaged parts and some minor repair needs before they turn into major repairs.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

Home Expansion

    An HVAC expert can provide a professional recommendation on the appropriate heating and cooling system for your house or property. Installing the right size system needs computation and knowledge of an expert to identify the HVAC system and product to be set up. This is a task that must be left up to a professional HVAC technician as purchasing a system that isn’t the right size will result in further damage, which may lead to a limited lifetime. The best thing to do is to  talk to an experienced HVAC technician to install the right-sized HVAC system for your new home or if your home overgoes expansion.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance: 5 Things You Could Do Yourself

    There is no home or business owner who wants to pay for a professional to come to their place only to find out that you only have to turn on a switch or change the air filter of your unit. Thus, using these do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance tips can help you determine where to check and what to do before you dial your phone to seek professional help. However, if your HVAC system is beyond repair and you are considering a heating and cooling system replacement, it’s high time to contact a professional technician.

    When your system does call for preventative maintenance, it is highly recommended to schedule a consultation for the cooling and heating systems with HVAC Alliance Expert. Our HVAC professional technicians will help you get back your system up and running again.

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