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Air Conditioning Myths That Can Cost You A Fortune.

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Are you a person who likes to search for tips online to better take care of your home appliances and units? When looking for air conditioner repair or maintenance tips for the summer, you must have come through articles that told you unlikely things like to turn your air conditioner to the lowest when it is extremely hot or not to replace your air conditioner till it breaks down completely. The internet is full of unfounded advice; air conditioning myths that can cause you a fortune.

Fortunately, there is a way to find reliable information about air conditioners and differentiate them from the myths found on some sites. Government internet sites such as or are some of the most credible sources of information about HVAC units and home appliances online. They are a good tool to make out the truth from what you read online. To save you time and ease your life, we went through this site to get you real facts about your AC and break all the myths about air conditioners you have ever read or heard off. 

Expensive Air Conditioning Myths You Should Avoid.



  • When The Temperature At Its Highest Turn Down The Temperature At The Lowest Level.

When the summer temperatures are high, turning your AC to the highest point will not help your air conditioner cool your home faster. Your AC will continue cooling the room at the same pace till it reaches the temperature you set. So instead of having a rapidly cooled room, you will get extremely cold temperatures after a long time of enduring the heat. Another negative effect of decreasing the temperature drastically is that it causes your unit to work harder to cool your home. If you do that often, your unit might wear quickly and cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

  • Bigger Air Conditioning Systems Are Better.

When it comes to air conditioners, you have to know that size does not matter much – it is how you use it that matters. You might smile at this phrase, but it is true. Many people think that putting an extra-large AC in their houses will have it cool their homes faster. Unfortunately, that is not true. If you place an AC that is too big in your home, it will wear out faster than any other appliance in your home. A big air conditioner in a small room will turn on and off too often and exhaust the compressor, which will quickly give up. Also, the bigger your air conditioner, the higher your bills. Why waste money on a big air conditioner when you can have a little one that serves you better.

  • Turning off the AC when you’re not home will save energy.

People often believe that turning off the AC when going to work is an efficient way to save energy and ease the work of the unit. However, the opposite is true. When you turn off your air conditioner when heading to work and turn it back on in the evening, your AC works harder to cool your home. This difficulty to cool your rooms comes from the fact that your home has accumulated a considerable amount of heat during the day that your AC has to cool. On the other hand, if you leave your air conditioner on at a minimum level, your AC will keep your home cool without using a lot of energy. This way, you prevent your air conditioner from overworking and get a cool and comfy home when you come back from your daily activities.

  • Your Air Conditioner Will Get You A Summer Cold

When a person catches a cold in the summer at home, we often unjustifiably blame the air conditioner. The truth here is that an AC can never be the cause of a summer cold. The causes of summer colds are viruses and bacteria. So if a member of your family is suddenly ill, your air conditioner has nothing to do with it. 

  • You Do Not Need To Replace Your Air Filters.

One of the most important components of your air conditioning system is the filter. Since it is a part that is most of the time hidden, we often do not think about changing or cleaning them. Some will even say it is not necessary to do so regularly – one of the many air conditioning myths you should ignore. Following such advice will bring you nothing but trouble. You install AC air filters in your home to prevent harmful particles from penetrating it. With time, your air filter accumulates dust, dirt, pet dander, and other tiny particles and can’t continue performing its filtering duty. The result is clogged vents, mold growth in vents, and poor air quality in the home. Replacing your air filters every year is an effective way to prevent this from happening and safeguarding the health of your household.

  • Yearly Checkups Are Not Necessary For New Air conditioners.

When you buy a new unit, you are often confident in the quality and reliability of the unit. Some sellers will even overpraise the abilities of the AC and tell you that you do not need to do any spring checkups for the first five years of the unit. This myth can cost you your new system. Every HVAC unit in your home should go through yearly maintenance to prevent unexpected failures. Your air conditioner counts among these units. Even if you just bought your unit, get it revised to ensure that it has suffered no damage during the winter and is ready for the summer.

Air conditioner myths like those listed above are more spread than one would think and cause people to lose thousands of dollars every year repairing or replacing their units. That is why when you hear anything about air conditioners, and you are not sure about the integrity of the information, fact-check it online or contact your HVAC service to confirm the information.

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