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Air Conditioning Repair

Get your A/C unit in fighting shape to beat the heat.

If you’re part of the 87% of Americans who have an air conditioning unit, you know how comfortable it can make life during bouts of excessive heat. Whether you are dealing with a scorching dry heat or a humid summer swelter, your A/C unit helps you achieve your ideal home temperature. 


If your A/C unit starts acting up and stops producing that cool air that’s so crucial during extreme heat, your physical and mental well-being can be thrown into jeopardy. This is especially true for Los Angeles residents who regularly experience triple-digit temperatures.

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Several elements can be responsible for the malfunctioning of an A/C unit. When your A/C unit starts malfunctioning it is because of one of these factors:

  • A blown transformer or fuse.
  • Dirty outdoor coils
  • Malfunctioning starting capacitor
  • Damaged components.
  • Dirty air filter.
  • Leaky evaporator
  • Dead thermostat batteries.

Whatever the issue is, Alliance Expert’s technicians will quickly get to the root of the issue and make sure your A/C unit is back in working order ASAP. We know how essential air conditioning is to a household, especially during a heatwave, so if you find yourself under the sun’s anvil with a broken or malfunctioning A/C unit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can deliver one of our professional technicians immediately to repair your system and ensure your home is able to reach its optimum temperature.

We offer same-day service, online booking, upfront pricing, 24/7 customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us at (855) 999-4417 to schedule a technician visit today.​

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My air conditioner is still pumping out air but not cool air. What’s the deal?

There can be a myriad of issues that prevent your A/C from creating cold air. Possible culprits include: a broken compressor, a refrigerant leak, a broken condenser or an old air filter.

What is the average life expectancy of a central air conditioning unit?

With proper maintenance and service, most central air conditioning systems can remain fully operational for 15 to 20 years. 

How often should an air conditioning unit be serviced?

An AC unit should be serviced once a year. Ideally during the spring, before hot summer temperatures.

Can my air conditioner catch on fire?

Yes. Keeping flammable materials near your unit, not properly cleaning your system and faulty parts can all result in an A/C unit catching on fire.

How often should an air filter be changed?

Air filters should typically be replaced every 90 days. However, if the homeowner has allergies and/or owns a cat or dog, the air filter should be changed every six weeks.

Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Most commonly, if an A/C unit is leaking water it’s because a condensate drain line is clogged with mold, dust or dirt.


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