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CleanAir Furnace Rebate Program

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Furnaces are complex and are composed of various components that can break down from time to time. Common issues that can occur with your furnace/ heating system are: pilot control problems, a malfunctioning thermostat, the furnace doesn’t provide enough heat, the furnace doesn’t provide any heat, blower continuously runs, and noisy components. Our technicians can handle any furnace service you need.


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As specialists in furnace repair, we provide you with top-notch service that will get your furnace running properly longer. We provide a comprehensive inspection of each component and offer preventative furnace maintenance that is recommended twice a year. With each maintenance visit, we will change the air filter, clean the coils, check for any leaks, ensure the ignition system is working properly, check the blower belt, and inspect all inner and outer components.


Numbers you need to know before the installation of your furnace.

California Rule 1111 is changing furnace regulation due to furnace Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. In an effort to achieve a reduction in 40% of greenhouse gasses by 2030, your gas furnace may require replacing. To replace your furnace, it will cost upwards of $4,500, but you might qualify for a rebate. The CLEANair furnace rebate program is offering a rebate of up to $500 for consumers who choose a cleaner product. If you are a landlord, you can also apply for a rebate with the required paperwork. The basic requirements needed are your furnace brand, model number, and invoice of purchase (the invoice must contain installation date, furnace manufacturer, full model number, full serial number, and total installation costs). For more info, visit


If you are buying a gas furnace

First 6,000 compliant furnaces

Receive $500 rebate

6,000+ compliant (high efficiency) furnaces

Receive $300 rebate

Compliant non-condensing furnaces

Receive $200 rebate


Save time and money on your HVAC system


Save time and money on your HVAC system
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