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Going Green: Alliance Expert Introduces Ultra-Low NOx Heating and Air Conditioning System

As the climate crisis continues to threaten our planet, California’s government is fighting back with a commitment to use 100% clean electricity by year 2045 – and it’s asking for help from homeowners in doing so. An environment bill signed into law last year has changed appliance requirements, and that will affect homeowners going forward. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What do I need to know about the bill? 

Signed into law in September 2018, the bill, referred to as SB 100, aims to ban carbon-generated electricity incrementally until it is 100% phased out in year 2045. It’s a big deal for the environment, for California’s legislature and, most importantly, for homeowners – especially those with traditional heating and air conditioning units. More on that below. 

The legislation contains three target benchmarks for California’s transition to clean energy: 

  • ● 50 percent renewables by 2026
  • ● 60 percent renewables by 2030
  • ● 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2045


How does the bill impact me, a homeowner?

Though the bill was signed into law last year, homeowners likely won’t feel the effects of it until next month. The legislation’s goal is to get rid of gas appliances completely by 2045, so the obvious culprits must go: Water heaters, cooktops, gas stoves, certain heating and cooling appliances – anything that runs on gas. And if you’re like most homeowners in California, you probably have one or two – if not more – in your home. 

You’ll notice that over the next few decades, more alternative options for these gas-fueled appliances will pop up and become available to you. There will be certain legal requirements for each district’s phase-out of gas appliances to make sure California meets its overall carbon-free goals. These are all things you’ll need to be aware of as a homeowner. 

In the immediate future, some of California’s districts (California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD)) are beginning their phase-out of gas-fueled heating and air conditioning systems. Homeowners with traditional heating and air conditioning units will be required to install newly developed, extremely low gas-consuming heating and air conditioning models. Additionally, HVAC companies within those jurisdictions will not be able to sell any high gas-fueled equipment to homeowners, which means that those homeowners needing new parts as part of repairs or maintenance will need to switch over to the new systems. This is the only way to meet the low-emissions requirements SB 100 has outlined. 


What can I do to make sure I meet legal requirements?

Since the low-emissions initiative is a law, homeowners could face fines and charges if they don’t comply. To make sure you meet any and all legal requirements, you need to figure out what governing body has jurisdiction over your geographic area and stay up-to-date with local regulations and phase-out alerts. Likely, you’ll receive phone, digital or snail mail communication when it’s legally time for you to ensure you are not using a specific gas-fueled appliance. Keep an eye on your mailbox, email and phone!

For those homeowners with properties within the jurisdictions of SCAQMD or SJVAPCD, find out if your heating and cooling system is currently running on carbon fuel. If so, you need to make the switch over to an Ultra-Low NOx system as soon as possible to meet legal requirements. Need help finding out if you’re within those jurisdictions? Check here for SCAQMD and here for SJVAPCD. And even if you’re not, it’s smart to begin thinking about switching your system over because within the next decade, all districts in California will need to meet EPA requirements.  

If you have any doubts about purchasing a new heating and cooling system, switching your appliances over or the requirements for your specific locale, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Alliance Expert. We are well-versed in low-emissions home appliances and are always here to help!

What is Ultra-Low NOx?

Ultra-Low NOx heating and cooling systems are HVAC companies’ response to global warming and the new California low-emissions requirements. Come October 1, they will be required in homes within the SCAQMD and SJAPCD districts in California (including Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County), with other districts following suit in the near future. 

Alliance Expert’s Ultra-Low NOx systems have been developed as energy efficient gas furnaces with low emissions, running on ultra-low amounts of nitrogen oxide gas. They are designed to meet California’s clean energy by 2045 initiative. If you are a homeowner in California, give us a call or click today to Go Green.

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