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How a Packaged HVAC System Works

How a Packaged HVAC System Works

This particular type of HVAC system varies on their specific configurations, but packaged systems typically heat and cool the same way traditional HVAC systems do. The difference is that the packaged system has a single cabinet with the duct work attached directly to the system rather than connecting to various apparatuses around the home.


Benefits of a Package System

  • ● Space efficiency: Compared to split system units, all components of a packaged heating and cooling system are enclosed in one area, making packaged systems ideal for conditions where indoor space is constrained or limited.
  • ● Energy efficient performance: packaged units typically offer a minimum of 13 SEER in cooling performance. HVAC packaged gas and electric units provide 80% AFUE heating performance, too.




Types of Packaged HVAC Systems

There are four different types of Package systems, these include:

  • ● Packaged Air Conditioner Systems – A single-boxed cabinet houses a compressor, coils and air handler.
  • ● Packaged Heat Pump Systems – This system uses heat pump technology to heat and cool a house.
  • ● Packaged Gas Electric Systems – The gas electric packaged unit integrates a gas powered furnace with an air conditioner.
  • ● Packaged Dual Fuel Systems – This system has a gas furnace, as well as a heat pump, to provide optimal heating and cooling. 


Air Condition Component For Package Systems

To create air condition, package systems use electricity to cycle the refrigerant. Next, warm air is drawn in by a fan and is moved over a cold evaporator coil to cool it in this step of the process. Then, the cooled air is pushed through ducts and distributed to all of the areas in the home.


Heating Component For Package Systems 

The different types of package systems have various means of producing heat. Packaged air conditioners create smaller amounts of heat by using heat strip elements. Packaged heat pumps, reverse the refrigeration cycle that is typically used by air conditioners to cool air. The air is heated and then blown out through the duct work. Packaged gas electric systems use a gas furnace to create heat and distribute it through the home. Finally, a packaged dual fuel system can use a heat pump or a gas furnace to produce heat for your home.

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