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HVAC Fall Tips

    Fall HVAC maintenance optimizes your HVAC system for the winter

    The fall is a great season for HVAC checkups. Most times after being inactive in the spring and summer period the switch from cooling to heating can strain the system so prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Try to take care of the smaller issues now before they blow up into bigger problems that might cost much more to fix by doing so you are preparing your HVAC for the winter even before it is time.

Here is a HVAC preventative maintenance checklist.


Replace the air filter and clean the vents

    The air filter should be changed on a regular basis, this should be one of the most important things on your fall HVAC maintenance checklist. The air filter should be inspected every month at least and replaced if it is dirty or clogged. Replace your AC filter before putting it off, by so doing it will be ready for when it is to be started up again. As you are replacing your filter you can simultaneously vacuum off the air vents because dust and debris can buildup in the vent. When you clean your air vent it allows for free flow of warm air, making it easy to regulate temperature in the home. 


Check for drafts and seal leaks

    Major reasons for low energy efficiency are drafty windows and doors, not only do they let in cold air, but they also let out hot air. It is important to inspect the windows and doors and change anything that is broken. Also, do not forget to seal the attic with weather stripping and clean the chimney too. Do not neglect the insulator, inspect it for damage and replace if there is any damage. Do not omit to check for places that need additional insulation. The function of the insulator is to slow down heat transfer by so doing maintaining the temperature in your home and reduce the stress on the HVAC systems. Leaky ductworks should be sealed with aluminum tapes.


Clean your outdoor unit

    The fall is such a beautiful season but it can be hazardous as well, the falling leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, twigs and debris can stay trapped in your outdoor unit. So, if you have an outdoor unit, inspect it for any debris accumulation or damage. Get rid of the dirt to ensure proper airflow and prevent further damage. 


Inspect your alarms and detectors

    These detectors are necessary for safety, they can be detectors for smoke or carbon monoxide. Replace your batteries regularly and replace the smoke detector itself every 10 years. Always check that it is functioning properly.


Install a programmable thermostat

    The optimum temperature in the house depends a lot on the occupants; when a home has no occupants the optimal temperature can be lower than the normal living area temperature. Most homeowners always forget to adjust their thermostat when they are not because it can be too stressful or because they don’t want to come back to a chilly house. The best bet is to install a programmable thermostat.


Prevent clogging in the condensate drain line

    A clogged condensate drain line is a “con”. If you know the location of the condensate drain line here is another HVAC maintenance task, you can pour in a solution of bleach and water to prevent clog formation.


If the HVAC system is aged, replace it

    If the life span of your HVAC system has been exceeded, it would be an excellent idea to replace it for added advantage. Also replacing it with a newer high efficiency model can help you to cut the cost of your energy consumption.


Get a professional fall HVAC tuning

    Although you can do a lot on your own, it is always necessary to have a professional HVAC expert to prepare the unit for winter. This is also important in case you forgot to do a summer HVAC maintenance check. An expert ensures that there are no leakages or any damage at all. The technician will calibrate the thermostat, inspect and clean the vent and filters in the HVAC unit, test the airflow, measure all the motor voltages and tighten any electrical connections. 

Here are some of the advantages of a tune-up:

    – Improves energy efficiency

    – Reduces the need for future fixes

    – Maintain the warranty of the manufacturers

    – Keeps your family comfortable and safe

    Fall is here, it is beginning to feel like winter. Meaning that the furnace is on and running hard to keep the home warm as it becomes cold and the snow starts falling. When the night gets cold the HVAC unit becomes a very valuable piece in the home. 

    Before the cold weather begins, ensure that your HVAC unit is running smoothly. Keep warm and prepare for the winter.


Save time and money on your HVAC system


Save time and money on your HVAC system
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