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Trane brand is known in the industry to offer affordable and high-end air conditioning systems. When you have a Trane air conditioner or heat pump in your home, you will likely have installed an evaporator coil that matches your home’s comfort needs. 

Remember that your outdoor condensing unit and inside coil function as a team — the efficiency of a new air conditioner will be greatly diminished if combined with an old, existing coil or a non-Trane coil. An older coil, or a non-Trane coil, may even have different cooling capacity and performance, resulting in an imbalanced system and higher-than-necessary electricity expenditures.

However, despite how durable Trane evaporator coils are, they mostly go through a rigorous testing stage to check for durability and reduce leaks; malfunction is imminent. When searching for the most trusted experts for your Trane coils repair needs here in Orange County, CA, then the HVAC Alliance Expert is right for you! 

Signs of Damaged Evaporator Coil Components

As you can see, the evaporator coil is critical to the cooling process. Homeowners may occasionally have problems that impair the proper operation and cause indoor comfort issues, necessitating the assistance of an HVAC specialist for air conditioning repairs. The following symptoms can identify damaged evaporator coil components:

  • Warm air is coming from the vents
  • The air conditioning unit starts and stops frequently but not cooling the home properly
  • The air conditioning system won’t turn on
  • There is a refrigerant leak near the indoor cooling system components
  • There are unusual noises, such as banging or hissing sound, from the air conditioning system
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Trane Coils repair

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Trane Coils repair

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Trane Coils repair

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Trane Coils repair

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Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair

Common Evaporator Coil Repairs

A few typical problems affect evaporator coils. If you observe any warning signals of difficulty, one of the following system faults might be to blame:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Dirty evaporator coil
  • Leaking evaporator coil
  • Frozen evaporator coil

When you are looking for a heating and cooling company with a tradition of quality service and have a long list of loyal and satisfied customers, you have come to the right place. At HVAC Alliance Expert, we continue to uphold the company’s original standards of high-level craftsmanship, creativity, and service quality.

Whether you have indicators of defective evaporator coils or another problem with your air conditioning system, the Orange County area homeowners rely on the HVAC Alliance Expert to solve the problem. Our professional HVAC experts conduct thorough and accurate diagnostics to identify the faults, create the best solution it needs, and test the fixes necessary to ensure lasting results. 

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Let our professionals here at HVAC Alliance Expert take care of your Trane air conditioning system needs, including evaporator coil repairs, today! We tackle all kinds of problems, no matter how big or small it is. Contact us first when you are experiencing problems with your Trane AC unit and its components. When you contact us, we will dispatch one of our professionally trained and well-experienced Trane experts to your location as soon as possible to attend to your needs. 

Have peace of mind knowing that our professionals will arrive well-equipped with all the necessary tools, repair parts, and equipment to ensure a job well done right the first time. You have nothing to worry about because all of our replacement parts are guaranteed high-quality, ensuring the system will be working like it is brand new. 

Give the HVAC Alliance Experts a call today for reliable and efficient Trane evaporator coil repairs in and around Orange County!

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Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair
Trane Coils repair

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