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Electrical Services

Breaker Repair/Installation:

Used as safety measures to stop the current in an electrical circuit, circuit breakers are one of the more integral components in an electrical system. When one malfunctions, it can compromise the health of your entire electrical system. Whether you’re in need of a quick circuit repair or need to install a new breaker in your electrical panel, Alliance Expert can help. With an unrivaled degree of experience and technical prowess, our electricians can provide expertise to any breaker repair or installation job.


Panel Repair/Installation:

An electrical distribution board, or panel, is the mainframe of an electrical system. Dividing electrical power feeds into circuits while using safety breakers for each circuit, a panel’s health is imperative to providing a unit with the electricity it needs to function. Because of its multifaceted nature, when a panel starts malfunctioning, it is regarded as the electric system’s most intricate repair job. Fortunately, Alliance Expert’s certified electricians are qualified to solve any panel related issue. With a breadth of knowledge on all types of panels–large and small, residential and business–our electricians can solve any panel issue and can also help with new panel installation.

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Electrical Outlet Repair/Installation:

If you find yourself with an electrical outlet that’s malfunctioning or need to add an additional outlet to a room, let the certified electricians at Alliance Expert help. With a high degree of technical acumen, our electricians can solve issues related to a faulty electrical outlet. Alliance Expert’s technicians can also help with outlet installation. Whether you need to install a new 15-amp outlet, a GFCI outlet or a 110-volt outlet that can handle a large appliance, we can build new outlets and ensure power connections are secure, safe and effectively wired for longevity.   


Lighting Repair/Installation:

Looking to make a change with your lighting system or need help fixing that annoying flickering light? Our skilled professionals can assist with any lighting-related issue. Whether you want to install an energy efficient recessed lighting system, some vanity lights or dimmer switches, Alliance Expert is your go-to lighting-related resource. Our technicians are also qualified and knowledgeable with an array of outdoor lighting systems.


Electrical Wiring:

 Outdated forms of electrical wiring can pose serious dangers. Once regarded to be on the forefront of wiring technology, cloth an aluminum wiring are now considered outdated and unsafe. If your residence or business is outfitted with either of these wire styles, let Alliance Expert install top of the line wiring for you. Our certified electricians can also add an entirely new wiring system to a new room or building. 

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EV Charging Station:

Though more and more people are starting to purchase electric vehicles, few know that it’s extremely difficult to install the equipment and wiring needed to charge the car. Regardless of the make or model of your electronic vehicle, the knowledgeable pros at Alliance Expert can install the appropriate charging station that your electric vehicle requires. Need to rewire your garage or parking space to properly suit a 240-volt high speed charger? We can help.


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