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5 Common Boiler Issues and How To Fix Them


How do you heat your home? What heating system have you chosen to heat your home? In the United States, the majority of homes use either a central heating system, furnace or boiler for heating. Among these three types of heating systems, research has shown that the latter is the best choice for heating. Boilers have the advantage of being very comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient. They are more comfortable due to the little noise they produce and the little space they take in your home. Compared to furnaces, they do not force out hot air but disperse radiant heat around your home, which makes them more healthy. Nevertheless, although boilers are the most recommended type of heating system, they also have their issues. Issues that could have a serious impact on your home. To prepare you to deal with issues related to your boiler, we decided to tell you about 5 common boiler issues you could face. However, even though most of these issues might seem easy to fix, we do not recommend trying to fix them yourself. 

If you face any of the issues cited below, contact us immediately. We will send a professional boiler repair and replacement expert to take a look at your equipment and provide you with the most appropriate and effective solution to the problem.

5 Common Issues You Might Face With Your Boiler

  • A Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler is often the result of an internal component issue such as a faulty pressure valve or pump seal. When you notice the problem, call a technician to check the origin of the leak. If the leak comes from the pressure relief valve, it signifies that your system’s pressure is too high. If, on the contrary, the problem comes from the pump seal, you might be facing a worn-out seal. These are the two most common reasons for a leaking boiler. However, they are not the only reasons.

Sometimes the leak might be due to erosion in your system pipes or a poor system installation. The age of your system might also be at the origin of the leak. That is why we highly recommend getting a technician to check what the problem is and provide you with the right solution depending on the cause of the leak.

  • Boiler Low Pressure 

Low boiler pressure is often the result of leaks, internal component failure or radiator bleeding. The easiest way to detect if your boiler’s pressure is ok is by checking its pressure gauge. The gauge should read 1.5. If the pressure is underneath 1, then your boiler is in danger. The second way of checking boiler pressure issues is by looking for leaks. A leak might be a sign of low boiler pressure. Low boiler pressure is difficult to fix DIY. There is a great risk of causing more harm to your boiler than fixing it. Therefore, if you notice that your boiler has low pressure, call a professional to fix the problem.

  • Boiler Not Heating

A boiler that won’t heat or provide hot water is the most frustrating common boiler issues that one can face with this equipment. The first thing that comes to your mind is the fear of having to make an expensive repair or replacement on your boiler. Fortunately, that is not always the case. The reasons why boilers stop providing their basic services are often due to various problems ranging from broken thermostats to failing motorized valves.

Your pressure gauge is the first thing that can help you determine the origin of the problem. If the pressure is below 1, then you need to repressurize your system. If the pressure is normal, check your thermostat. Does the temperature you read on the thermostat correspond to the temperature released by your boiler? If not, then the problem comes from there. You can fix the problem using the manufacturer’s guidelines. Call the manufacturer, and they’ll help you with the problem.

In case the problem is neither low pressure nor thermostat malfunctioning, you should get our experts to get a look at your boiler. There might be a more serious problem that will require the services of a professional.

  • Banging Sounds

As we mentioned above, the boiler is one of the quietest ones among all the types of heating systems. Therefore, if you hear a strange sound coming from your boiler, it is an alert that something is wrong with your equipment. The causes of such noises are;

  1. A faulty Pump
  2. limescale build-up
  3. Air in the system
  4. Low water pressure

Our professional technicians can easily detect what causes the noises and come up with rapid and affordable solutions to stop the noise.

  • Boiler That Won’t Turn On

Amongs the common boiler issues that you can notice in your home, a boiler that won’t turn on is sure the one that causes more concern. If your boiler doesn’t turn on at all, it doesn’t mean that it has broken down. Sometimes, boilers do not turn on for various reasons, such as power failure or a broken component. Most of the time, the cause of the boiler problem is easy to fix by a reliable boiler technician or electrician. When you realize that your boiler is not turning on, first check your other appliances to see if they have power. If they do not, you might be having an electric issue. 

If the problem is not connected to power, it might be a component fault. In this case, you should get an expert to check your unit for diagnosis and repair services.

Get HVAC Alliance Experts To Diagnose Your Boiler’sBoiler’s Issues

If we do not take into consideration the 5 common boiler issues listed above, boilers are surely the most reliable heating options for residential and commercial properties. That is why if you own a boiler, you should make sure to take good care of it by performing regular maintenance. HVAC Alliance experts offer to help you keep your boiler working and heating your home properly in the long run. Our experts have the training and certification that guarantees you excellent service. Moreover, our company has been in the market for more than a decade. Therefore, we have the knowledge and experience that will get your boiler working perfectly.


Do you want our expert to come to your home today? Give us a call at (855) 999-4417 or leave us a message online, and we will dispatch a technician immediately.


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