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Common AC Compressor Issues That Can Break Your Air Conditioner

Nowadays, air conditioners have taken a huge place in our lives so much that in some areas of the US, some people can’t live without them. However, few people know how these units that provide us with so much comfort are built, not how they work. Fortunately, as your HVAC service provider, our job is also to provide you with useful information that will help you manage your HVAC units better. Today, we’ll start with one of the three most important components of your central air conditioning system – the compressor. Let’s see what a compressor is and what are some common AC compressor issues you might encounter.

The compressor is a component of your AC that you can find in the outdoor part of your unit. Its job is to circulate air throughout the unit. You can also find this useful element of your air conditioner on other units and appliances whose role is to cool air. 

How does the Compressor work?

To understand how a compressor works, first, you have to understand the functioning of an air conditioning unit, how it cools your home. In summary, to cool your home, your air conditioner has to get hot air out of your home and send cool air into your home. Your air conditioner contains a refrigerant, which is the element that gets cold, absorbs the heat in your home, and pushes it outside your home. While transporting hot air out of your home and cooling to get hot air from your home, the refrigerant goes through two major transformations. To remove heat, the refrigerant has to be cold in the form of gas. Once it has absorbed the heat, it becomes liquid. The compressor helps to make this transformation possible. When the refrigerant is in the gas form, the compressor pressurizes it and turns it into liquid. Your unit’s fan cools this liquid before transforming back into gas. This repeated process is what gets your home cool in the summer, thanks to the compressor.

Now that you know a little more about how your compressor works let’s see some common compressor issues and what you can do when you notice these issues.

An Overheating Compressor

One of the most common compressor issues and most dangerous your compressor can have is an overheating problem. When your compressor overheats and reaches a certain temperature, it can completely break down your unit. The best way to deal with an overheating compressor is to contact an expert technician. He will provide you with an efficient solution to the problem. 

There are three causes of an overheating compressor problem. The first is high condensing temperature. High compressing temperature happens when evaporating pressures are low, which leads to higher compressor discharge temperatures. Low evaporating temperature results from various malfunctioning in the AC, such as dirty condensers, malfunctioning condenser fan motor, refrigerant insufficiencies, and many other issues.

The second reason your compressor might overheat is low evaporation pressure. When the evaporator pressure is very low, compressors have difficulty compressing the refrigerant. The reasons for low evaporators could be dirty air filters, undercharged refrigerant, evaporator fan motor malfunction, and many other problems. 

The final reason that could cause your overheating problem is high-temperature ratios. This is the ratio between condensation and evaporation in your unit. When this ratio is disrupted, the compression heat in the unit drastically increases. 

Overheating compressor issues can be prevented by performing yearly air conditioning maintenance. If you are not sure about the state of your AC compressor, our experts at HVAC Alliance Expert. He will provide you with proper air conditioning maintenance and repair services.

Too Frequent Recycling

Too regular cycling is a problem that many air conditioners face. Typical cycling of an air conditioning unit should take some time – the time that your room reaches the desired temperature before shutting down. If your AC cycles every five to ten minutes, there is a problem somewhere. Most of the time, the problem is due to an electric failure such as a frayed or worn wire. This issue is often difficult to fix. To get rid of the problem, you have to hire the services of an expert HVAC technician.

Failing Motor Due To Bad Capacitor

Air conditioning units often have various motors, and one thing that is common to all of them is the capacitor. It is a little device in your air conditioners that supplies and stores energy. With a failing capacitor, it is impossible to have your air conditioner’s motors running. As your compressor has a motor on its own, a failing capacitor signs the end of your unit. To check if your compressor’s problem is due to a faulty capacitor, contact our expert technicians who will come to your home quickly and look into the cause of your motor failure.

Save Your Summer With HVAC Alliance Expert Air Conditioning Services.

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