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Importance Of A Float Switch In Your Air Conditioner

If we asked American homeowners about the cause of flooding in their homes, most of them would mention plumbing leaks or natural disasters. Plumbing and natural disasters are indeed two major causes of residential water damages but not the only ones. There is one other major cause of residential water damage: Air Conditioners. It might come as a surprise, but air conditioning can cause water damages as serious as plumbing-generated water damages. You may ask yourself how an air conditioning system that has no direct connection to the water supply may cause so much damage. It is because of the air conditioning drain pan and drain pipes. When at work, air conditioners make warm and cold air merge. This mixture makes condensation occur, which justifies the need for a drain pan and drain pipe. Drain pans collect the water that drops due to condensation and evacuates it through the drain lines of your unit. Air conditioners generated water damages occur when the drain lines and pans can’t evacuate water. In this situation, water makes its way out of the drains through the walls and ceiling of your home. Fortunately, there is an air conditioner component that can prevent accidents like that from happening. That is an AC float switch.

What is a float switch?

A float switch is an air conditioning device that detects clogs in the AC’s drain lines and shuts off the system in case of a problem. Depending on the type of air conditioner you own, you will find the float switch located either in the secondary drain line or in the drain pipe. When your air conditioner’s drain system has a lack of maintenance, dirt and debris accumulate, which causes water to overflow. When your drain starts clogging and water rising, the float switch sends a message to your air conditioning system. Your AC then shuts down to prevent future condensation.

Advantages Of A Float Switch.

Affordable cost:

Float switches are some of the cheapest and easiest air conditioner components you can get for your unit. The average cost of a float switch is about $50, and the cost of installation is as insignificant as well. An expert air conditioning expert can get your float switch installed and working in less than an hour.

Effective At Preventing Leaks:

The most difficult thing when it comes to preventing air conditioner leaks is monitoring the draining pans and pipes. They are located in places difficult to reach. The float switch is the only device that can help you detect when a leak is about to happen and prevent it. Float switches are very effective at preventing floods. Their responsiveness allows them to switch off the air conditioner the second it detects an accumulation of water in the drain pan. 

Prevents Mold Growth:

Any place in your home where there is an accumulation of water is auspicious to mold and bacteria growth. When an air conditioner leaks, water often seeps through walls and ceilings. The moisture created makes these places a favorable environment for bacteria of all sorts. Since installing a float switch prevents leaks from happening, you do not fear the consequences of mold and bacteria on your family.

Strong And Reliable Device:

Of all the components of your home units and appliances, float switches are surely the most reliable of all. They have a simple and strong mechanism that is activated by a ball gauge. This mechanism can work for years without any trouble whatsoever. If you wish to have a worry-free device that prevents leaks in your home, float switches are the devices you need.

How Is It Better To Install A Float Switch: DIY or With Professional Help?

Although float switches have a simple mechanism, it is better to let an expert HVAC technician handle the installation. The difficulty of installing a float switch is in the little details. You do not want to install your brand new float switch incorrectly and damage the device or the unit in the process. Also, remember that you have to connect the device to your electric system when installing your AC float switch. Therefore a prior knowledge of electrical installations is required to perform the installation perfectly. To sum up, trying a float switch installation DIY is not recommended. If you have a float switch that you need to install, call our air conditioning service, who will send an expert to take care of it.

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