Dependable Air Conditioning System Cleaning and Maintenance in Malibu

On a hot summer day, nothing is more infuriating than a faulty air conditioner! Fortunately, avoiding unexpected AC repairs is as easy as signing up for annual cleaning and maintenance services. When an air conditioner is cleaned and well-maintained regularly, it is protected from unexpected failure at the worst possible moment.

A central air conditioning system is a substantial investment in your property and one of the greatest methods to provide whole-house comfort for you and your family. Malibu homeowners may anticipate their air conditioner to last 15–20 years on average, but with regular servicing, cleaning, and maintenance, your air conditioning system may run far beyond 20 years.

At HVAC Alliance Expert, we can perform preventive maintenance and cleaning services, preferably in the spring before the cooling season starts when you rely on your cooling system the most. Have peace of mind knowing that we have provided Malibu areas with cooling services for so many years now, so you know you are receiving the best possible air conditioner cleaning and maintenance around!

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

Why Do You Need Air Conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance Services?

Having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year may not seem like a big deal, but it may have a big influence on the performance and life of your entire cooling system. It is normal to consider missing your routine aircon maintenance as a method to save money, but in truth, failing to keep your AC in excellent working order may end up costing you more in the future. Some of the issues you may be experiencing are as follows:

  • Higher utility bills caused by an inefficient system
  • Costly parts replacement in case of a breakdown
  • Costly replacement of a new cooling system
  • Low productivity or concentration due to uncomfortable temperatures
  • Prolonged downtime due to repairs unable to get the service right away
  • Less desirable air quality caused by a poor air filtration


5 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Cleaning

It is important to invest in an air conditioning system cleaning to support healthy and hygienic air in your home or work environment. There are some common signs to be aware of which gives you warning signs that it is time to book our air conditioning system maintenance and cleaning services here at HVAC Alliance Expert, including:

  • A dirty, grey, and dusty filter
  • The air conditioning unit is not blowing cold air as it used to
  • The air conditioning unit is producing unusual noise or sound
  • The air in the cooling system smells
  • It was over 12-months since it was last cleaned or serviced


Contact us here at HVAC Alliance Expert right away to get your air conditioner back up and running again, so your employees or your family will be breathing healthy, sanitary air in no time!

What Includes in Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

  • Clean dirty air filters, replacing them if needed
  • Ensure that the grilles are clear of any debris
  • Check the refrigerant leaks
  • Ensure the system functions well


You already know that regular cleaning and maintenance may extend the life and effectiveness of your air conditioning system. So, when the cost of air conditioning maintenance against the cost of a new system is considered, it makes sense to keep things clean and well-maintained!

Why Choose the HVAC Alliance Expert For Your AC Cleaning & Maintenance Needs?

We value quality and customer satisfaction here at HVAC Alliance Expert. When we do air conditioning maintenance, we utilize the best materials and cleaning chemicals to keep your cooling systems clean and safe. We are committed to nothing less than perfection!

With years of experience and knowledge in Air Conditioning, our professional team is always available to help you with your AC needs. So, whenever you seek a reliable and cost-effective team to take care of your air conditioning cleaning and maintenance in Malibu, contact us here at HVAC Alliance Expert today!

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Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance
Air Conditioning System Cleaning and maintenance

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