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Heater & Air Conditioner Services in Manhattan Beach

Is your home too hot? That even turning the pillow over at night to the cool side doesn’t make it better? Do not put up with it, call HVAC Alliance Experts. We are known for keeping Los Angeles homes comfortable for the owners. We service a lot of cities in Los Angeles and that includes Manhattan Beach. Your search for HVAC installers near you has come to end, HVAC Alliance Expert is the company you are looking for. Our technicians have been trained to work with any type or model of HVAC system. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete repairs smoothly and quickly, restoring comfort in your home again. Sometimes repairs do not cut it, our professionals advise you correctly on the necessary steps to take next, most times you may need to replace your aircon or furnace. HVAC Alliance Expert provides you with the best HVAC service in Los Angeles. 

Air Conditioning

As we transition from the chilly winter nights to the hot summer days, we also switch from wanting to stay warm to wanting cool air in the home. If your current air conditioning system is not cutting the mustard when the mercury rises, HVAC Alliance is here to help you with a wide range of AC services in Los Angeles.

Air conditioning services include:

  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Heat pumps
  • Condensate drain lines.
  • Compressor repair
  • Indoor air quality
  • Filter replacement
  • Residential zoning systems
  • Air purification
  • Whole house dehumidifier
  • Thermostat service
  • Ductless mini-split systems 
  • Wi-fi thermostat
  • Ductless solutions
  • Duct repair
  • Duct modification


In the worst winter, a reliable heating system helps you keep your household warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, like any other appliance, even the best HVAC system will eventually wear out and are not as efficient as before. HVAC Alliance Expert offers a wide range of heating services.

Heating services include:

  • Heating replacement
  • Heating installation
  • Central heating repair
  • Forced air heating repair
  • Heat pump repair
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Wall heaters
  • Floor heaters 
  • Gravity heaters
  • Heating maintenance
  • Air filter heating repairs 


How do I know it is time to replace my old furnace?

At HVAC Alliance Expert, we can repair your unit economically, safely, and in a manner that ensures that optimum efficiency is achieved. But sometimes it is necessary to replace the old furnace.

Some of the pointers to take note of when considering changing your furnace:

  • 50% rule: if the cost of repair exceeds 50% of the original price of the furnace. It is time to consider getting a new one.
  • System age: if your system is 15 years old or above. It is recommended that you change it. Old systems have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 6 or below while modern systems have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of at least 13. By doing so they have higher efficiency in comparison to the old ones.

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