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Your Trane air handler is the massive steel/metallic box linked to your HVAC system and is often found in your closet or attic. Its purpose is to distribute conditioned air around your home and keep you and your family comfortable all year round. However, it, like any other device, may wear out. If something causes your Trane air handler to stop working, you will need to fix it right away to be comfortable in your San Francisco home through the warmer and cooler months.

Most homeowners can deal with minor air conditioner issues that affect their indoor air quality, such as dirty air filters. Like malfunctioning air handlers, the more complex ones are best left to experts with the necessary HVAC knowledge and expertise. When searching for such, HVAC Alliance Expert is the best choice!

Let our professionals here at HVAC Alliance Expert take care of your Trane air handlers repair needs here in San Francisco today! We have the best team of HVAC technicians that can give you the best air handler repair services San Francisco has to offer and even ensure your unit won’t be breaking down for more years to come.

4 Common Problems Indicating Your Air Handler Needs Repairing

Fan Unit Issues 

The blower/fan in your air handler aids in circulating conditioned air throughout your home or property. If the fan fails, your system will struggle to keep your home comfortable. Something is wrong if the fan makes weird noises or does not blow at all.

Leaking Condensate Pan 

When the condensate pan leaks, it is an indication that something is amiss with your air handler. During the hot summers, hardworking AC units produce a lot of condensation, which collects in the pan underneath the air handler. If algae or mold grows in the lines, it can cause the drains to block. When this occurs, the pan may overflow, causing water damage. Bugs and mice can even sneak into the pipe from the outside of the home and clog it. Your condensate pan may be leaking if there is dampness or water under your air handler.

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Trane Air Handlers repair

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Trane Air Handlers repair

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Trane Air Handlers repair

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Trane Air Handlers repair

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Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair

Dirty Blowers

Filters in your home’s air handler protect the blower unit from dirt, dust, and other pollutants. When utilizing the HVAC system, it is critical to inspect and replace the air filters once a month. It can significantly enhance the airflow in your vents.

Faulty Blower Motor

When the blower motor on an air handler fails, it is a typical problem that necessitates expert repair. It can be caused by several factors, including a faulty relay, control board, run capacitor, the blower itself, or the blower wheel. You will need to contact a specialist right away, like the HVAC Alliance Expert, to diagnose the problem and replace a new part if necessary.

Why is HVAC Alliance Expert the Best Choice For Trane Air Handler Repairs in San Francisco?

We have the experience and skills to install, maintain, and repair HVAC and system components, including air handlers here at HVAC Alliance Expert of San Francisco. We work all day to make our service as convenient for you as possible, and we are always on time, or you will not be charged. We can supply you with the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for your household, whether you need a service check, your existing Trane air handler equipment repaired, or a new installation. Whatever the time and day, wherever you are in San Diego or its surrounding areas, we will be there in no time to save the day!

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Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair
Trane Air Handlers repair

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