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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit

Most heating and cooling systems (furnaces and heat pumps) are for whole-house comfort. Therefore it can be very inconvenient when you need furnace repair, heat pump servicing, or air conditioning help. We service all heating and cooling systems for repairs and maintenance, but we find that some HVAC units become unrepairable. Some are more costly to service than to upgrade to a newer system. If you’re thinking you need a new HVAC but aren’t sure of how to tell, here are 6 signs you should look for.

Consider the age of your HVAC unit

How old is your heating system? If it’s more than 10 years old, chances are you may need to replace it soon. Heating maintenance elongates the lifespan of your heating system, but through normal wear and tear, an older HVAC will start to have more issues.


Inefficiency causing high utility costs

When a heating unit is not running at the highest efficiency, you’ll notice it when your energy bill arrives. It may be a better economic option for you to consult us for an air conditioning and heating installation to help you get the best comfort in your home.


The air quality has significantly changed

Your HVAC circulates air throughout your home causing dust and debris to build-up in the vents of your home with normal use. Some of this build-up is normal, but contaminants like mold and mildew may signify that you need an air duct cleaning service performed or you have a damaged heating unit.


Frequent equipment breakdowns

With regular heating and air conditioning maintenance, your HVAC system will function better and reduce the chance of future breakdowns. However, some heating units may begin to show their age through frequent failures. This is not only costly for you to repair, but it also leaves you waiting for extended periods without heating or air conditioning.


Repair costs are more than what it’s worth

HVAC repairs are inevitable but when the service cost to fix it is higher than half of the price of a new unit, it will be a better investment for you to get a new unit. If you’re considering upgrading your heating unit but aren’t sure what the actual costs are for furnace installation, heating installation, or air conditioning installation, we can help.


If your unit still uses freon (R22)

Freon is a popular refrigerant used in many heating and cooling systems. To reduce our emissions, the U.S. decided to make the manufacturing and importing of freon (R22) illegal on January 1, 2020. This means that HVAC manufacturers will use other refrigerants for their systems. If you currently have a freon-based unit, it will become difficult and potentially more expensive for you to have your refrigerant serviced. You will only be able to service your freon-based HVAC for refrigerant by available or recycled R22. It will be a better investment to upgrade your heating and cooling system to avoid this barrier.


If you’d like to know more about any of the signs to look for or discuss your options for a furnace installation, air conditioning installation, and/or air duct installation, we’ll more than happy to give you our advice.


Save time and money on your HVAC system


Save time and money on your HVAC system
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