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The best alternative to a gas furnace

Although furnaces are popular there may be a better alternative, especially now with the new CA Rule 1111. With residential gas furnaces being 5% of our total emissions, the state of California is concerned with our environment. Electric heat pumps have become the best and smartest solution to gas furnaces. Electric Heat pumps are better for public health by reducing poisonous emissions, are 4 to 6 times more efficient, and can save you on average $60 each month in utility bills. Not only that, it mitigates our impact on our environment as they don’t require gas to operate and eliminates any risk of gas poisoning and fires/explosions.

Electric Heat Pump 

Significantly more efficientRequires indoor and outdoor components
Installation cost is usually much lowerIn extremely cold weather, it won’t be as effective
Save money on utility bills 
Less noise 
No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning 


Gas Furnace

Usually has a longer lifespanA gas leak could result in an explosion or fire
Fewer mechanical parts which can lead to lower maintenance costGas combustion leads to poor indoor air quality
Tend to be more dependable due to fewer components 

In the graph below, various home heating methods are presented. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures just how much fuel each system efficiently utilizes compared to other methods. While other options have a range from between 45% to 97%, electric heating is the only method that achieves 100% efficiency while also lowering the chances of health and safety risks that come with natural gas and the burning of fuel.

Have you made your choice on what type of furnace to install? Then it is time to give us a call. Our furnace experts are ready and our customer service is available 24/7 and ready to attend to you at any moment. In case you have additional questions do not hesitate, we will gladly answer them. Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Fortunately, years of experience handling these issues have made us the best in furnace installation and repair. Our furnace experts know all the ins and outs of furnaces and give you free estimates in case you want to get a new furnace installed.

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