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What You Need to Know About September: The Rough Month for an AC

HVAC systems are one of the home essentials we all deserve to have. Having one means you have done the best for your family and home. The most availed HVAC system is air conditioning. It provides great comfort for everyone, especially during summer times. If you still don’t have one, better have an installation now. And make sure the people who will fulfill the tasks are certified ones. You can definitely count on us at HVAC Alliance Expert for reliable air conditioning installation. We are true professionals in the industry that provide top-class services for a central HVAC system. Aside from AC, we also do furnace installation. Hiring a qualified expert will help you save money in the long run as the installation is guaranteed to be effective.

An air conditioning system minimizes indoor temperatures by eliminating moisture and heat from the area. They function primarily by infusing warm air into a system and distributing cold air, but the process is much more complex than expected. On the good side, using an air conditioning system at home has a lot of benefits anyone would be pleased to have. Even in terms of health, AC will surely have a say in that. Reduced humidity in your home is the main health benefit of air conditioning. Being healthy and having a less damp environment are both advantages of living in a home that reduces high humidity. Mold, heatstroke, dehydration, and dust mites are all caused by excessive humidity. To sum up, air conditioning can keep your air safe and clean to breathe.

But just like any other thing, an AC has limitations. Many people, especially new AC owners, wonder why September is a difficult month for air conditioning systems. September is when you have to check your AC systems the most. During this month, you may notice your systems working at unusual peak performance like they used to. You’ll observe frequent trouble using it as well. It is all because September is the hottest month of the year. It simply means that your cooling systems will have difficulty working at their best because of too much heat and not properly cared for. Take time to read below the possible difficulties you may face with your AC systems during September.

  • Short cycling – Short cycle is the word used to describe how frequently your air conditioner turns on and off. Your system should turn on and off as the temperature in your home changes, but doing so too frequently is unneeded and a red flag for a problem. If you have short cycling, you should get professional help right away.
  • Fluid leakage – Because of the humidity levels, existing issues with your system are made worse throughout the year’s warm months. Your system drains improperly, so if the weather is particularly humid, your condensate drain will block.
  • Unusual noises – Around this time of year, strange noises occurring anytime the air conditioner is turned on are major reasons homeowners schedule AC maintenance and repairs. These areas get louder even more as dust and debris build-up. You can keep your air conditioner from making noises by scheduling yearly maintenance.

Therefore, your air conditioning systems will struggle to comfort during September due to high temperatures. With this, expect yourself to acquire malfunctions throughout the usage. But there are many ways to prevent it from happening, and one is to entrust the problem to certified experts like us. HVAC Alliance Expert will provide you with the quality inspection and maintenance needed to ensure your system will work at its peak, even during scorching heat times. Proper maintenance is what your cooling system needs the most. You will have the assurance your system will keep running even during heating temperatures. The people who will do the maintenance for your system are our certified and trained experts. Rest assured that this September, your air conditioning will be running smoothly.

Trust the experts of HVAC Alliance Expert, and you will be fulfilled with the best maintenance needed for your air conditioning this September. Reach out to us today to book your desired appointment schedule.


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Save time and money on your HVAC system
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