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Which Do I Need To Prepare For The Cold Season? Halloween Decorations Or Air Duct System?

In preparation for the fall, you will also need maintenance on your home’s air duct system. The system should be prepared before you will do some decorations for Halloween. With the help of an  HVAC Alliance Expert, ensure to check the system is properly. They can also assist you with the proper air duct cleaning services. 

Although Halloween is just around the corner, this is the most enjoyable time of the year when many people decorate their homes for the fund and creeps of Halloween. Doing this can also impact the air duct system. An HVAC company can help you ensure that your home’s air duct system is in good condition and ready for the cold season while removing the harmful contaminants that can affect indoor air quality.

Aside from Halloween can give you spooky vibes, an uncleaned air duct system can also have some spooky things that could live inside the ducts and wreak havoc on you and your home. 

  • Duct Terrors. The air ducts which pump the air into your homes without routine maintenance could be cloggedAir duct Companies | HVAC Alliance Expertwith some things. Just like the rest of your house, over time, the air ducts can start to gather dust and mold and could use a good cleaning. This is also ideal for the cold season. The HVAC system will tend to work faster and stronger during this season. This means that homeowners should handle the air duct system’s maintenance before it gets cold.
  • HVAC Horrors. Creepy crawlers and spooky things need a place where they can hide, and what would be a better place than inside the air ducts? Spiders could have created webs, and rodents may have crawled their way to your ducts. Nothing could be worse than finding out when it is too late, and the awful smell of decaying pests can take over your house. To prevent this from occurring, we are here to help.

Aside from ensuring that your home’s indoor air is of good quality, there are some helpful tips you can do even if you are doing your Halloween decorations. This ensures that it won’t affect the system’s efficiency and prevent an issue from happening. It will also be helpful for you to be able to enjoy the season without worrying about what will happen with the air duct or HVAC system of your home once the decorations are already done.

  • Make Sure Not To Block The HVAC Vents – The vents and ductwork in your home allow the air to circulate throughout the space, and it aids in the heating and cooling process. When these vents are blocked, the system must work harder to keep completing these basic tasks. That goes for the decorations, furniture, and everything in between.
  • Keep The HVAC System Clear – Similar to not letting the decor block the vents, make sure not to allow any large debris or decorations to enter the vents. Registers and grilles may be unattractive to the eye, but it serves their purpose. If small decorations are pulled into the vents, they will seriously affect the airflow.
  • Make Sure Not To Block The Outdoor Units – The outdoor or condenser unit is responsible for your home’s air conditioning. Even though the weather is cool and AC may be the last thing on your mind, the cost of replacing the unit for the next season isn’t worth the hassle.
  • Minimize The Unwanted Ventilation – Opening and closing the door for trick-or-treaters throughout the night bring potential issues. The warm indoor air flows outside each time you open the door. That will make the system work harder to compensate for the temperature change and make it more costly at night. Another issue depends on the outdoor air quality. If the air quality is poor, each door opening will allow the outdoor pollutants in. Instead, consider spending time outdoors. 
  • Be Careful With The Web Decorations – The fake webs are an easy way to get your house ready for Halloween. But this can also easily get sucked into the vent, which can end up in the HVAC unit and clogs the air filters. Use spider web decorations lightly and avoid using them near the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Keep Flammable Away From The HVAC Unit – Candles and other flammable decors must be kept from the HVAC unit. Not only are they fire hazards, but the wax from the candles can break down the unit. Use electronic alternatives such as battery-operated candles, and glow sticks. 
  • Be Mindful of Energy Usage – If you plan to create a real Halloween vibe for trick-or-treaters, be aware of the extra energy costs you might incur. Projectors, speakers, lights, and other electronic decors will use more energy and electricity.
  • Decorate Outdoors and Keep The Front Door Closed – If you happen to have a front porch on your home, that will be a perfect place to decorate instead of decorating the interior of your home. This will allow you to spend the holiday on your porch, passing out the candies to trick-or-treaters. Doing this can help prevent you from opening and closing the door all night and keep the temperature in your home well-regulated. 

Be prepared for the coming cold season, ensure that you have the air duct or the entire HVAC system maintained, and enjoy the Halloween season by making sure you will be cautious in doing the decorations to prevent issues with the system. This will also help to prevent other issues and costly repairs when the spring season comes.

Does your air duct system need proper maintenance, or are you looking for help with the repair of the HVAC? Contact HVAC Alliance Expert. You can also check our website for more details or fill out the contact form.



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