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Why is my utility bill so high?

A high utility bill you weren’t anticipating is frustrating. It can mess up your budget for the month and leave you with little or no anticipation for what is to come during the next month. Your utility bills include your electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, etc.


Causes of high electricity consumption and possible solutions


Why is my electric bill so high all of a sudden?

Firstly, what is considered a high electricity bill?

As stated in U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), an average American uses 901kWh a month and pays an average price of 13.12 per kWh. Which means at least an average of $120/month ($1,400/year).

Electricity bills can fluctuate, it can be high or low but when it keeps rising unreasonably or your electric bill doubles, there is possibly a new problem somewhere. Here are some possible causes:

  • ● Vampire appliances 

You are leaving too many appliances in standby mode leading to phantom power vampires. These devices such as the computer, PlayStation, laptops, etc. that you leave plugged in can suck energy while you are not using them. Always remember to unplug appliances and devices that are not in use to avoid abnormally high electric bills.

  • ● Using appliances and light bulbs that are not energy efficient

 It is necessary to change your bulbs and appliances to energy-efficient ones. These devices might be a little costly to acquire but it pays off later. For example, LED bulbs are very cost-efficient and last for a very long time.

  • ● Insulation problems

 If your house is not properly insulated you will spend a lot of money on heating and cooling of the house. Most times poor insulation is attributed to old windows and drafty attic space. To lower your electricity bill, you should spend money on getting new windows and ensuring that the doors are well fitted.

  • ● Severe weather conditions 

Why is my electric bill so high in the winter? Why is my electric bill so high in the summer? These are constantly asked questions. Temperature is something we have no control over so, it is best to keep the thermostat consistent and not change it to reflect the spikes in temperature. If it gets too cold dress warmer if it gets too hot dress cooler and open up the windows to let air in.

  • ● Keeping old Appliances

The TV that you do not use any more that is still plugged in can be a cause of outrageous electric bills. So, instead of hoarding these properties consider donating or recycling them.

  • ● Faulty Appliances cause high electricity bill

Your oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. consume a lot of energy in the house and if by mistake you forget to turn them off after use, this can be a contributing factor to the doubling of your electricity bill. But in a situation when you have been using them the right way and there is still an increase in your bill, then you may have a faulty appliance. Get it fixed or replaced.

  • ● Broken meter

You have a problem with your meter when your meter keeps reading even when your electricity is turned off. You need an electrician to fix this problem. 

  • ● Faulty wiring

Does faulty wiring increase electricity bills? Well, the answer to that question is YES! Faulty wiring can be a major cause of the unusually high electric bills. Problems with wiring can cause electric leakage.

  • ● Reduce electricity bill with earth grounding

Electricity leakage is a potential hazard and it can cause wastage of power. Hence earthing and grounding are very important; earthing means connecting the dead part to the earth and on the other hand grounding means connecting the live part to the earth.

Electrical grounding was once considered only as a safety measure but today it has been discovered that grounding is an important part of everyday electricity supply. Adequate wiring helps you reduce electricity consumption.

My gas bill is very high. Why?

The gas bills most times go up during the winter when the need to be warm kicks in. If you want to reduce these bills a good option will be to use electricity for heating.

  • ● Weather condition

As discussed earlier the colder it is outside the higher the requirement for heating and hence the increase in gas bills additionally if you use gas to heat your water it means consumption of more gas.

  • ● Fuel price

The Increase in fuel prices can also cause an increase in gas bills.

  • ● Faulty gas appliances can also be a reason for the rise in gas bills.

Potential reasons for high water bills

  • ● Leaky faucets
  • ● Leaky toilets
  • ● Leaky appliances that use water like dishwasher and washer
  • ● Outdoors leaks, irrigation leaks 
  • ● Old facilities
  • ● New water-consuming facilities.

Steps for confirming if your utility bill is too high 

  1. Check if your bill is an estimate.
  2. Check your last meter reading and compare if there is a big difference.
  3. Check if your energy supplier has changed their price.
  4. And if after all these you conclude that the utility bill is abnormally expensive. We are here to help you with that contact us now at Alliance Expert we will help you with troubleshooting the problem and helping you to find possible solutions as fast as possible at a budget-minded cost.


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